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The Spiritual Horizon Fence

You can also help! If you're not sure whether this is something you can be involved in, but you are a little inclined, then drop us and the campaign into your awareness and note the following ways of how to contribute:
  • From watching the TV or listening to the radio and noting any program details that might be an avenue for us to explore.
  • Mentioning the idea to whomever you can, whenever you can. 
  • E-mailing us with your favourite UK celebrities and we will endeavour to contact them
  • Throw in the subject as you take time out in the beauty of the rain forest or on a bar stool in Islington. 
  • Write your letter to God and talk about Oneness
  • Put us into your visualisation and meditations on peace.
  • CONTRIBUTE by being… the wonder of You. Joined seamlessly to the connection of God and all that is.

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