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The Spiritual Enthusiast

We have a range of activities you can help us with during the plight of this campaign, if you're ready to hop into action, email us ( and we can jump start the energy:
  • If you love watching the TV, we need a TV gazer to help research programmes. 
  • If radio is your thing, we need a radio activist to keep a keen ear on associated topics/speakers. 
  • If you love to research – this is a core aspect of our success. Please get in touch!
  • If you enjoy writing, we've lots of letters and articles that need your energy. 
  • If meditation, and lots of it, is your contribution to peace – then let us know your energy is reaching out to us.
  • If visualisation is your strength, visualize us presenting over 50,000 signatures to the UN and getting the YES. 
  • Religious institutions and places of worship. The message of oneness prevails in every religion, if you have access to religious leaders, groups or forums we need to reach out to them.

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