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Oneness in Today's World

Across the world there are a myriad of groups all working for peace, each realising from one moment to the next that suffering is the effect of choices made by humans worldwide either in politics, tribes, war or abuse. Across the road there is a child suffering quietly, three miles away there is an adult still hurting from their childhood, six thousand miles away there is a piece of land being devastated and in turn, homes, education and crops being lost which in two weeks will effect the price of food in our local supermarket. These are just brief examples of how close our external interconnectedness is to all of life. Science today is still proving what sages have known forever, that there is a finer working of intelligence rooted deep within each nerve and cell of our body, that human existence is impacted by other energies and that our mind and souls carry a richness that go beyond our physical understandings. 

What is Oneness?

Oneness is more than a beautiful word. Science increasingly shows it is our true nature – that life is a unified whole with multiple dimensions, each complementing the other.

Beyond that, Oneness is the key to peace.

Oneness, its application and understanding reaches out to every aspect of the above. The awareness of Oneness and that is the unity within the diversity of global differences, brings a certain affirmation of peace with it that can also be described as total acceptance. Oneness is not the absence of pain or pleasure, it is an understanding that increases tolerance and in a world which is suffering politically and economically, a world which is reacting to the need for change

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