CwG Study Groups

There are several ‘Conversations with God’ Study Groups in the UK. Conversations with God (CwG) is a sequence of books written by Neale Donald Walsch, with the basic message that "the purpose of life is to recreate ourselves anew in the highest version of the grandest vision we ever had about ourselves." CwG Study Groups are a wonderful way to meet & connect with other people whose lives have been touched by the concepts in the Conversations with God series of best selling books.

What is a Study Group?

CwG Study Groups are formed and meet locally in one’s town or neighborhood. Most groups are born out of a desire to gather together with friends or other CwG readers to discuss, question, share and build a sense of community around these powerful messages.

Is your Soul yearning to connect with people to learn more about the messages in CwG? 

The groups listed below are newly forming, or have already formed, to study the concepts and principles found in CwG, and would welcome more participants. Please send them an email to find out more about them and how you can join. Our lists are current and based upon information we’ve received from facilitators. The groups that are listed are the only ones we know about.


We seek, and have, no control over programs, operations and activities undertaken by them. We spiritually and philosophically support any outreach effort or undertaking in the world that reflects the ideas, concepts and messages found in the With God book series. 

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