"A Civil Rights Movement for the Soul"

Humanity’s Team is an international spiritual movement whose purpose is to communicate and demonstrate the timeless truth that We Are All One, with God and life – caring for each other and the world we share – so that people's actions reflect this profound understanding within a generation.  We believe that living this truth is essential to solving the most chronic and acute world problems and vital to creating a sustainable world of peace, harmony and happiness.

Dubbed “a civil rights movement for the soul,” the movement has over 100,000 adherents from more than 150 countries on six continents.

Humanity’s Team was created by the spiritual author Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series of books, in 2003 in response to the inspiration he received in the producing of those books regarding the crisis that the human race was facing following the events of September 11th, 2001.

Humanity’s Team proposes a New Spirituality that enlarges and enhances humanity’s current beliefs about God and about life in ways that could change how we live with each other, bringing peace and harmony to our planet at last.

The New Spirituality is not a new religion. Rather, it is an expansion of all our present theologies; an updating of them; a refreshing of them, rendering all of our current sacred teachings even more relevant to our present day and time.

Key to the New Spirituality is a belief that God is not separate from anyone or anything — and neither are we.


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If you yearn for a world that is functional and whole, that you would want for yourself and for future generations to live in, then please – join us!

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We Are All One is the one idea that truly changes everything.


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