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Humanity's Team UK actively contributes to the Awareness of Oneness on both worldwide and national levels:

Our Global Mission

  1. Create an Annual Global Oneness day with the backing of the United Nations. 
  2. Increase signatures for the global petition for a Oneness Day by hundreds.
  3. Create major Oneness events in 2012 throughout the world. 
  4. Increase Financial Support of all Humanity's Team Worldwide & activities.
  5. Present an annual HT Spiritual Leadership Award to those who are working to build greater peace within Humanity.


Our Mission within the UK

  1. Increase signatures for the Oneness Day Petition on a daily basis
  2. Plan, build and co-create a Global Oneness Day within the UK
  3. Increase funding, donations and contributors to Humanity's Team UK.
  4. Attain the support and encouragement of Government and affiliated organizations for a Global Oneness Day
  5. Promote the Awareness of Oneness throughout the UK
  6. To build relationships with like minded organizations and work together to achieve our respective missions
  7. To establish relationships with organizations who focus on behavioural and physical outreach i.e. Red Cross, Oxfam etc and work with them to bring relief to those in need
  8. Support the work of smaller individual communities, who promote peace in all of its forms.
  9. Support, encourage, develop and promote individuals who seek to positively impact the world by focusing on inner healing
  10. Create communities across the UK who can support and strengthen each other.

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