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Sarah Rozenthuler is a spiritual educator, professional psychologist and organisational consultant. She combines a contemporary articulation of timeless spiritual wisdom with cutting edge psychological insights to create the A New You workshop, earning it an international reputation. Sarah has co-facilitated retreats with Neale Donald Walsch with whom she trained in 2007.

TIME 8.30 a.m.

After transformational events around the world The Miracle of Love World Tour finally arrives in London on Sunday 4th September 2011. 

Four fabulous speakers/coaches will lead you to the breakthroughs your heart, mind and soul requires sharing insights into personal leadership, how spirituality will serve you in todays challenging world and a path on creating a better life that fulfils your highest potential.

Al Diaz, from California, leads this cutting edge transformational event which comprises of conferences in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.  Al Diaz is the author of “The Titus Concept”, a book about the Law of Attraction, and “Confirmations”.

The other speakers are: 

Janeen Sonsie (Authentic Relating) from Australia, 

Sarah Rozenthuler (Life Changing Conversations) 

and Linda Lattuca (Lead from Within) 

in this truly international event. 

This conference is for all who wish to express their true self and lead the change to create the life, relationships and world they desire. 

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