Global Oneness Day 2011

Oneness is More than a Beautiful Word..
Science increasingly shows Oneness is our true nature and
All Threads of Spirituality have Known this to be A Truth;
Life is a Unified Whole with Multiple Dimensions, 
Each Complimenting the Other.

Beyond that, Oneness is the Key to Peace.

"Peace efforts will continue to fail until people embrace humanity’s Oneness" veteran U.N. envoy Anwarul K. Chowdhury, the leading emissary of the U.N. Culture of Peace initiative said on May 20th 2010, when receiving a worldwide appeal to the world body to declare an annual Global Oneness Day recognizing humanity’s inner unity, originally conceived by Humanity’s Team.

“I believe that unless we have that sense of solidarity among the peoples of the world, all our efforts of peace and security will go nowhere,” 

Chowdhury encouraged Humanity’s Team, who delivered the petition to the United Nations and sees Oneness as embracing God and all of life, to work together with other groups to declare a Global Oneness Day, even before the United Nations takes action.

Which is why 24th October is declared as the Annual Global Oneness Day – a day intended to inspire awareness, appreciation and celebration of life’s underlying Oneness in the same way that Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness, appreciation and celebration of the earth’s natural environment. And like Earth Day, Global Oneness Day invites people to bring Oneness into their lives in practical ways, not just conceptually.

These practical demonstrations of Oneness will give people tangible, experiential proof that living in Oneness works. This will, in turn, encourage us all to expand our hopes, beliefs and behaviors so that, a generation from now, humanity will finally realize a dream it has had since time immemorial of a world living in peace, harmony and happiness.

Humanitys team have partnered with supporters across the world to make this day, this declaration of Oneness, indeed Global... Click here for Global Events