Global Oneness Day 2011

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On Sunday October 23rd 2011 thousands of individuals across the globe came together to honour and celebrate their Oneness with themselves and all of life. Joining USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, India and other countries the UK contributed by holding four key events in London, West Sussex, Sheffield and Galloway, whilst many individuals wrote in with their stories of individual participation. Recognised by the United Nations as being one of the fundamental keys to sustainable peace, Oneness is a reality which brings peace, harmony and accord to our relationships with each other and within ourselves.

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Experiences of G1D participants:

"When I arrived at the designated meeting point for the Global Oneness Celebration opposite the Houses of Parliament the first thing I saw was a "shepherd's crook" which I picked up without hesitation. It felt like it had been put their for me! It was a branch from a tree but what made it look like a crook is its shape and the fact there was no bark on it. Not that I took on the role of a shepherd :) What I like about Humanity's Team is that we tend to leave our ego's behind at events such as this and so I felt our shared experience was one of joy, divine presence, good will and deep connection. What we did was great (readings, a guided meditation, expressing our desires and intentions for this day of Oneness) and behind the doing was the Being. That place of Oneness, the One heart, the One mind, the pure Mystery that I am and you too. 
Thanks to Shalini and Nancy for co-creating this wonderful experience." 
John, Somerset UK

"It was potent. It reminded me that an amazing and powerful energy can be almost effortlessly tapped into and then 'sent out'. It does not matter whether it is one person or 1000 people. A circle of three seems a very small circle and yet something powerful occurred becauase we all - through intent and belief - were able to tap into that energy and use it wisely. That energy is pure Love, Universe, God, Being, Truth - whatever label one wishes to give it, it does not matter. In this way, each of us, contains all other beings and we are also contained within each being. The seperateness we feel is our Ego and only a complex illusion. What we do to others we do to ourself because we are "all in each and each in all...." We may not be able to experience the True feeling of Oneness in every moment but we can remind ourselves continously of this Truth and try to live our lives in the knowledge of this Truth. A small circle of three people who try to do the above can be powerful because in that moment of holding hands with a shared shared intention, we felt a big part of ourselves transcend our ego and the illusion of seperation and we aligned ourselves with Love, in which by its nature there can be no seperation, only oneness." Nancy, Watford UK

'The Barn, which was our venue for the day, was vast and bright and quite amazing.  It felt as though we were at one in there with more than human presences.  As the decoration of the Barn progressed it seemed to become more filled with the qualities of celebration.  As people arrived for the festivities the atmosphere changed again and took on a greater level of chattiness and an air of expectation. 
Although we were for the most part a white English gathering, Tony Day's lovely photographs of people from other cultures adorning the walls all around us lent a more global flavour to the event. 
The circle dancing was, as always, pleasing to the senses and calming." Barbara Cole, Worthing, UK

"For my own part I have to say that the event for me was the coming together, with a group of like minded people to do something tangible and positive to represent our support for the Global Oneness Initiative. I felt it a very worthwhile thing to do and also thoroughly enjoyed the day." Penny, Shoreham by Sea, UK

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